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  • An academic degree is an award conferred by a college or university signifying that the recipient has satisfactorily completed a course of study. Academic degrees were first introduced during Middle Ages and there were little differentiation between them.
  • the job market offers a higher number of unemployed degree holders so the hostel takes advantage of this. It has also been observed that degree holders have had some managerial learning.


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Intermediate Spectrometer
Intermediate Spectrometer
This intermediate to advanced Spectrometer is designed for easy set-up and use. This specrometer’s sturdy iron base incorporates a 20cm-diameter divided table with highly visible etched graduations and a Vernier scale that can be read to a resolution of 1 minute of arc. The revolving 7cm diameter prism support rotates 360 degrees and has a height adjustment of 2cm, thereby accommodating a wide range of test conditions. A built-in illuminated auto collimator eliminates the difficulty of telescope-collimator alignment. Accessories include an illuminated magnifier, glass diffraction grating and holder, autocollimation mirror, power adapter, brush, screwdrivers, extra bulbs, and instruction manual.

Everything in it's Right Place

Everything in it's Right Place
I fell in love for the first time at 16 to a boy named Thom. I heard a song called "Black Star" that I immediately responded to. "Fake Plastic Trees" was of course the huge single off The Bends and I loved that one too, even though it was somewhat unfashionable to like the singles of bands. I remember one summer sitting by a friend’s pool where we just listened to "Fake Plastic Trees" over and over again. Then, I thought I had accidentally lost the cd and went a little nuts. I had merely misplaced it when I accidentally switched it with disc one of the Beatles White Album and sanity was restored.

I quickly found out about Pablo Honey and bought that too. It didn’t hit me as much at first, though I had a bunch of bsides from around that era-"Banana Co", "Killer Cars" that I played incessantly. One night, I heard a radio broadcast where they played "Creep" and Thom Yorke went off singing "She’s running out again" with such desperation it rivaled Jeff Buckley covering Leonard Cohen’s "Hallelujah" at the Bataclan in Paris. (I am not sure which live performance came first as I heard Jeff’s much later though it could have very well been the same year.) It was completely different from the album’s recording and it was what made me get Pablo Honey and listen to more (at the same time, I remember playing the "How Can You Be Sure?" bside about a hundred times a day) I easily fell in love with "Stop Whispering" and realized very quickly that even if anyone can play guitar, no one could play it quite like Thom Yorke or Jonny Greenwood.

In 1997, two very important things occurred in my life. The first was that OK Computer was released. The second was that I graduated high school and went to college. I started dating Cinchel then, who immediately bought OK Computer too. It didn’t matter to me. I needed my own copy. I felt like the album was a reflection on society with how boxed in we’d all gotten and how cold and mechanized we’d become with songs like "Fitter Happier""Paranoid Android" and "No Surprises." (The latter of these they actually played live in the show I saw them.) I listened to this and nothing else for months on end. Everything else seemed like garbage to me.

I had this one life changing experience with "No Surprises" in particular. I hesitate to share it because it’s sort of inexpressible or at the very least intangible. It was sort of like the feeling of the video for "Street Spirit" this feeling of weightlessness and also I was connected to everyone all of a sudden and very aware of myself in every form in relation to everything else. I was at a gas station and was about 20 and all of a sudden, "No Surprises" came on the radio. I started singing along (I always sing along) and probably crying a little when Thom got to the spot in the song where he sings, "This is my final fit my final…" and all of a sudden, it was like something had been out of whack in the universe that came together…a brief harmonic rest to our ghastly history of war and oppression. I also felt like time was staying still for a moment and I was aware of so many simultaneous things-the glance of a woman over her shoulder, birds, the buzzing of an engine, the click of a gasoline pump handle and all around me, it felt like the song was there. Molecules were dissolving rapidly but it was a good thing.

I went to see Radiohead play Toronto’s Maple Leaf Gardens around this time for the OK Computer tour and all I wanted was for Thom to play "The Trickster" bside. Oddly enough, even though I was far away up in the stadium seats and Radiohead looked like little peas with instruments, someone on the floor requested it. Thom said that song was really hard to play but they pulled it off brilliantly. I wasn’t surprised.

Kid A came out while I was trying to wrap up my university degree in 2000. The songs were continually more abstract and cerebral like you became part of an endless horizon in music. "How to Disappear Completely" and, of course, "Everything in it’s Right Place" easily helped become part of the soundtrack to my life around that time period but even more so hitting me would be the raw emotion in 2001’s Amnesiac. I sang right along with Thom during "You and Whose Army"and I absorbed his visceral utterances in "Like Spinning Plates." I drove from Buffalo, NY to Chicago to make the first major geographical move in my life. And as I was drifting through endless highway of Cleveland in the middle of the night, I played Amnesiac over and over again. "Come on Holy Roman Empire…"It was like a blood transfusion.

Basically, I think as Radiohead has put out more and more albums, they have moved into more of an ethereal abstract territory, especially with this newest one In Ra

rings of deception

rings of deception
For Macro Mondays theme "Deception". More of my many rings, what can I say? I love rings though I only ever wear my wedding rings!!

These are rings I bought for myself to be used in a play all about deception. When I was in college, I was in an American College Theatre Festival production of "Six Degrees Of Separation" by John Gaure. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to play Ouisa Kittredge (the main "meaty" character) but I was her friend Kitty. Kitty was married to Larkin and they had one son. Their marriage, however, was not a happy one and Kitty was having an affair with a lawyer she knew. A very sticky situation inside a very sticky story!! Lots of deception going on!!
I had great fun going shopping with the costume designer and trying on all kinds of clothes that I, Mary Ann, would never in a million years wear!! When I asked her about my wedding ring, she said, to just wear something, no one will notice. But I would notice, I had to be a completely different person during that play and nothing I owned was right for my character. So I went to WalMart!! HA!!! I got these 2 cubic zirconia rings to try with the costume. I ended up wearing the contemporary gold one. Before the show started, I had to enter with the audience. On opening night, I walked to my seat passing my entire family and sitting only one row in front of them. Not one of them recognized me!! It was one of the most fantastic feelings I have ever had!! When I walked onstage to deliver my first line, I heard my mother gasp. It was a great show, and I enjoyed every single performance!!! I was nominated for an Irene Ryan scholarship for my portrayal of Kitty and got to travel to Arizona to compete for it! Good times…

Long winded again!!

buy fake college degree

buy fake college degree

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